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Bula! The best little scuba shop in Nadi

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Our land down under doesn’t have many neighbours, but the few we have are pretty darn, well, pretty.. Recently I took a bucket-listed short trip across the ocean to one of our neighbouring nations for a few days of sun, sand and scuba. Bula, welcome to Fiji. Due to my perpetual case of itchy feet my trip to the picturesque island nation was on a bit of a budget so I set out to prove that you can, in fact, have a fabulous time in Fiji for a fraction of what a holiday ought to cost. Perusing the interwebs for where to stay and who to [ ... ]

So what is Sea Flavour anyway?

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";So what is all this ‘Sea Flavour‘ business you’ve been hearing about anyway? Here’s the whole story.. Since I was a child I have been absolutely enamoured with the ocean. Growing up in the sea-side city of Seattle Washington in the USA I would swim in the absurdly chilly ocean until my lips were blue and my mum feared for my circulation. I went on fishing trips with friends, sailed as a hobby and loved to watch the fishermen unloading their morning catch at Pike Place Market. I moved to Australia at age 17 with an aching dream to [ ... ]

Xtreme-ly Sharktastic: Oceanworld Manly

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who’ve smirked with enjoyment at the thought of me being turfed into a tank full of sharks. And I’d like to dedicate this post to all of them. Little do most of them know that there would be minimal heaving required to dunk me into an aquarium of apex predators, just give me my gear and gesture in the general direction. I adore sharks, without them our oceans, atmosphere and world would be, well, gone.. Most people who visit Sydney, or for that matter Australia, disembark the aeroplane peering [ ... ]

Hammerheads and Holes in the Ground: Magical Dive Munda

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";So you wanna see the Solomons eh? I wholeheartedly think that you should…go straight through from Sydney to Honiara then Munda (do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars…). Two easy flights will plunk you in the island paradise you’re picturing without the hassles of the helter-skelter “Solomon Time” to mess things up too much. When you touch down in the cow pasture..er..airstrip of petite Western Province town, Munda, you can expect a welcome of stares from locals as you disembark the teensy aircraft that held your life in its precarious hold for the hour and [ ... ]