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What an Evening – Wolf Blass Luxury Launch at Quay

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";In 1961 a young German named Wolfgang first set foot on Australian soil. Along with the clothes on his back he’d brought a little bit of money, a diploma in winemaking and a healthy dose of ambition. Sometimes that’s all you need to change the world.. 51 years later that man nimbly ascended the little stage at the back of Quay Restaurant‘s upper floor in front of the majestic picture windows framing the Opera House, raised his glass to the world and said, “thank you for making me possible.” The glass was full of Wolf Blass’s 2012 Platinum Label [ ... ]

Electrolux & Quay present A Winter Masterclass

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Every now and then a restaurant comes along that changes the path of a city’s cuisine, and influences food on a world scale. We Sydney-siders are extremely lucky to have more than our fair share of these exquisite eateries. And in a recent stroke of good foodie fortune I was invited to Peter Gilmore’s Winter Masterclass at Quay, courtesy of Electrolux.     Opting for a calm stroll through The Rocks on a balmy autumn evening instead of the kindly offered hirecar I strolled up the ramp and stopped to let the carefully created aesthetics of Quay’s elegant entrance sink [ ... ]