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Rabbit Roundup: Ippudo, Les Mis premiere, Peter Kuruvita’s new sauces, Bang & Olufsen

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Cause in my life and line of work I come across some pretty awesome shiz…and now I’ll share it with you…    SOMEWHERE FOR A SPECIAL SOUP – Ippudo Sydney A good soup is hard to find, a good ramen is rare as hen’s teeth outside Japan..until now, that is. I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Ippudo on the 5th floor of the Pitt Street Mall Westfield building on the 5th of December and it was every slurpy bit as spectacular as its Japanese counterparts. Choose your soup style (I opted for ‘hot and spicy’ which my [ ... ]

So what is Sea Flavour anyway?

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";So what is all this ‘Sea Flavour‘ business you’ve been hearing about anyway? Here’s the whole story.. Since I was a child I have been absolutely enamoured with the ocean. Growing up in the sea-side city of Seattle Washington in the USA I would swim in the absurdly chilly ocean until my lips were blue and my mum feared for my circulation. I went on fishing trips with friends, sailed as a hobby and loved to watch the fishermen unloading their morning catch at Pike Place Market. I moved to Australia at age 17 with an aching dream to [ ... ]

What an Evening – Wolf Blass Luxury Launch at Quay

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";In 1961 a young German named Wolfgang first set foot on Australian soil. Along with the clothes on his back he’d brought a little bit of money, a diploma in winemaking and a healthy dose of ambition. Sometimes that’s all you need to change the world.. 51 years later that man nimbly ascended the little stage at the back of Quay Restaurant‘s upper floor in front of the majestic picture windows framing the Opera House, raised his glass to the world and said, “thank you for making me possible.” The glass was full of Wolf Blass’s 2012 Platinum Label [ ... ]

Tell Me Where to Travel!

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Ok everyone, I need your help! After The French Job finishes up soon I’m on my own and fancy free in France…and I have no idea what to do, see or experience! So I thought I’d put my journey in your hands… where should I go? What should I do there? What would you like me to write about, film, eat, drink or show you through my little online life?   I’d love suggestions of: places (towns, cities) activities restaurants food types wineries / wines / drinks other experiences you think you’d like me to try     Should I go make my own perfume in Grasse? Should I go seek out the [ ... ]

The Greatest Plates: The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2012

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";A king retains his crown… Noma is once again the World’s Best Restaurant. THE AWARD What does it take to be named the “world’s best restaurant”? Or even in the top 50 for that matter! Restaurant Magazine, backed by San Pellegrino and Aqua Panna has been placing that decision into the hands of their judges for the past 7 years. The 50 places are watched by the restaurant industry the world over and an excited buzz erupts each year on the eve of the announcement (last night) followed by reactions aplenty upon the release of the list itself. Many of these [ ... ]

Bloody (Marvelous) Mary Belvedere Launch

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";My first Thursday back in Sydney turned out to be a tantalizing treat, thanks to an invitation from Black Communications to the launch of the world’s first vodka created for a single drink – Belvedere’s Bloody Mary. When the invite sailed into my inbox I’ll admit, I was in the Philippines, hair dripping on my keyboard post-dive and I hit the reply key with a quick “sounds lovely, love to come, thanks.” throwing all manner of punctuation and grammar out the window. Pleasantly enough Sarah accepted my hasty RSVP and on my third day back in Sydney town [ ... ]