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Bula! The best little scuba shop in Nadi

Our land down under doesn’t have many neighbours, but the few we have are pretty darn, well, pretty.. Recently I took a bucket-listed short trip across the ocean to one of our neighbouring nations for a few days of sun, sand and scuba. Bula, welcome to Fiji. Due to my perpetual case of itchy feet my trip to the picturesque island nation was on a bit of a budget so I set out to prove that you can, in fact, have a fabulous time in Fiji for a fraction of what a holiday ought to cost. Perusing the interwebs for where to stay and who to submerge myself in the [ ... ]

The Delights of Dawn and Dusk

No matter where on Earth you find yourself, the two most majestic times of day remain the same – dawn and dusk. There’s something instinctively awe-inspiring about simply sitting back and regarding a force so powerful and outside our control that we set our lives by it. Dawn as the sky slowly lightens then bursts excitedly over the horizon, flinging rays of warmth and luster across all it sees. It promises a new turn of waking hours when the inevitable to the unimaginable are possible. And dusk, the intensity of daylight relaxing into an amber glow before smoothing out our landscapes into dark. These [ ... ]

Hammerheads and Holes in the Ground: Magical Dive Munda

So you wanna see the Solomons eh? I wholeheartedly think that you should…go straight through from Sydney to Honiara then Munda (do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars…). Two easy flights will plunk you in the island paradise you’re picturing without the hassles of the helter-skelter “Solomon Time” to mess things up too much. When you touch down in the cow of petite Western Province town, Munda, you can expect a welcome of stares from locals as you disembark the teensy aircraft that held your life in its precarious hold for the hour and a half flight [ ... ]

5 Seriously Solomons Experiences

For a quintessential sampler of experiences singular to the Solomon Islands, top your to do list with these five. (PS If you’re not so sure where on earth the Solomon Islands are…click here)    1. Take the local transport The Solomon Islands are, well, islands, and therefore separated by a heck of a lot of water. Travelling in this waterlogged country is a perpetual connundrum; fly with the ever unreliable Solomon Airlines for a hefty pricetag, minimal baggage allowance and flight schedule that may as well read “flights when we feel like it, check back later” or take a boat. The later is decidedly [ ... ]

Pidjin – Useful Phrases

Due to an impending trip to the Solomon Islands I’ve been brushing up on my “Pidjin” or “Pidgin”, the local dialect. Interestingly, Pidjin is not technically a “language”, rather it is a form of rudimentary communication created by two (or more) parties who do not speak the same tongue. They can be from the same country and yet not speak a common language, or they can have different points of origin. Pidjin (spelling thanks to the Solomon Islands Tourism website) often uses parts of words or phrases which sound similar to those in the parent languages, but does not necessarily adhere [ ... ]