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Carmen: an opulent Opera on Sydney Harbour

Sydney’s weather has turned chilly now and the nights are best spent snuggling under large blankets watching a fire and sipping red wine. Some of you will read with this with a sigh and take a moment to remember the beautiful summer just gone.. For others it will be a little hand-warmer to keep in your pocket and put on your calendar for next year.. … 2 April, 2013: It was a Tuesday evening, made comfortable by the warm summer air and beautiful by the sparkling sunset tossing handfuls of crimson and gold across the harbour. Any such night would be special, and [ ... ]

Round Biggest Baddest Bucket List!

Last year you guys, my super duper awesomesauce social network, helped me win my way to Maurice Lacroix’s incredible sounthern France sojourn The French Job. It was a dream posting and I had an incredible time working with the French Job team supporting freediver Sebastien Murat in his world record attempt. And now I’d like to implore you all once more, to put your clicks where your likes are and vote for my entry into what is truly an incredible competition – My Destination’s ‘Biggest Baddest Bucket List’. This one would see me hopping around the world for 6 months doing all [ ... ]

The cure for hipster: Unpretentiousil

This is probably the best thing I’ve seen all month. So although it’s not particularly related to anything else, I’m sure you all will be able to relate.   Watch and enjoy…     PS the feature picture I snagged from, check em out. Share this:EmailFacebookStumbleUponTwitterDiggPrintGoogle +1LinkedIn

In our own backyard – The Mark Hanham Gallery, Surry Hills

I must admit that I often suffer from “Dorothy Syndrome” when it comes to our fair city of Sydney. My eyes drift to the horizon so chronically that I forget how much brilliance exists right here in our harbour-hedged backyard.. A post-workout stroll stumbled me upon just such a Sydney-side gem last week, the Mark Hanham Gallery, unassumingly occupying a light-filled location on Surry Hills’ Crown Street. I was instantly enthralled by a wall-sized painting of Paris, frenetic lines of black and grey emanating the city’s vibrant, elegant tumult, streaking in all directions to and from the far-off Eiffle Tower. Risking several [ ... ]

Rabbit Roundup: Ippudo, Les Mis premiere, Peter Kuruvita’s new sauces, Bang & Olufsen

Cause in my life and line of work I come across some pretty awesome shiz…and now I’ll share it with you…    SOMEWHERE FOR A SPECIAL SOUP – Ippudo Sydney A good soup is hard to find, a good ramen is rare as hen’s teeth outside Japan..until now, that is. I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Ippudo on the 5th floor of the Pitt Street Mall Westfield building on the 5th of December and it was every slurpy bit as spectacular as its Japanese counterparts. Choose your soup style (I opted for ‘hot and spicy’ which my handbag sneakily swapped [ ... ]

So what is Sea Flavour anyway?

So what is all this ‘Sea Flavour‘ business you’ve been hearing about anyway? Here’s the whole story.. Since I was a child I have been absolutely enamoured with the ocean. Growing up in the sea-side city of Seattle Washington in the USA I would swim in the absurdly chilly ocean until my lips were blue and my mum feared for my circulation. I went on fishing trips with friends, sailed as a hobby and loved to watch the fishermen unloading their morning catch at Pike Place Market. I moved to Australia at age 17 with an aching dream to spend my life [ ... ]

For anywhere you want to app..

As we all know the world has gone app-mad, there’s apps to track your sleep patterns, apps that let you pretend to drink a digital beer on your screen (um, seriously, go get a beer and drink it like a normal person, you can’t drink a screen), apps to waste time, apps to keep from calling your ex when you’re wasted, pretty much everything has an app. However I’ve found one that’s truly, properly useful – particularly for travel nuts like me.. Introducing Touchnote, an on-the-go postcard-maker that works from anywhere you can wrangle 3G coverage and uses the photos taken on [ ... ]

Rabbit Roundup: Connoisseur, Belvedere, The Morrison, GoPro Hero 3

Cause in my life and line of work I come across some pretty awesome shiz…and now I’ll share it with you…    SOMETHING NAUGHTY – Connoisseur’s Australian Collection A spiffy little black cooler bag made its way to my doorstep not long ago with a note attached, ‘just in time for summer…’ Upon unzipping the tiny tote my eyes widened and my mouth watered, inside were four tubs of the new Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream Australian Collection. Featuring four fancy flavours created by some of our country’s best chefs and showcasing uniquely Aussie ingredients like Murray River salt and Derwent Valley raspberries, a [ ... ]

Mmmmmocktails – Ocsober Launch at Hugo’s

You’ve all heard of ‘Dry July’, some of you may have even succeeded in surviving its 31 days of sobriety, I’ll admit right now that I did not. However after a delightfully dry evening on Thursday the 13th of September at Hugo’s in Kings Cross I’m seriously considering signing up and pledging to give my liver a much needed lie in for the month of ‘Ocsober‘, an initiative by Life Education Australia. The Ocsober launch instantly set itself apart since, due to its non-existent alcohol content, I got to drive to and from the event, and snagged a rockstar park right [ ... ]

What an Evening – Wolf Blass Luxury Launch at Quay

In 1961 a young German named Wolfgang first set foot on Australian soil. Along with the clothes on his back he’d brought a little bit of money, a diploma in winemaking and a healthy dose of ambition. Sometimes that’s all you need to change the world.. 51 years later that man nimbly ascended the little stage at the back of Quay Restaurant‘s upper floor in front of the majestic picture windows framing the Opera House, raised his glass to the world and said, “thank you for making me possible.” The glass was full of Wolf Blass’s 2012 Platinum Label Barossa Valley Shiraz, [ ... ]