TFJ Giveaway – The Best Towel Ever

The French Job has certainly been an experience, one I never expect to emulate for as long as I live, or wherever I travel to.

The team has been hilarious; nerdy dances by the pool, late night writing sessions, belting out Gotye along the highway, so many photo moments, sunburns, dishwasher dilemmas, musical rooms, delicious dinners, snitched vodka hoopla, and all the associated antics you’d expect from a group of talented individuals finding their feet in a villa full of cultural differences and substantial personalities. Maurice Lacroix did a fabulous job selecting everyone involved in The French Job, it’s been a pleasure to be a part of it.

Moreover the opportunity to meet Sébastien Murat and experience his talents as a free diver and witness the future of human evolution was immense and I look forward to following his progress for years to come.

And on Saturday, as quickly as it came, it concludes, and I’m off on further adventures around France and surrounds. (…more about that in a post soon where I’ll put my plans in your hands!)

So as a final goodbye gift to all my awesome readers I’d like to give away one of the most luscious little luxuries offered to us during The French Job – bright orange and eye catching, smooth as silky sheets and cushy as a cuddle, one of the best towels in the world (yes I know, big call but I’m standing by it!) could be yours..

 the french job towels


1. Visit

2. Find one fact about Sebastien Murat – whatever fact you like or find most interesting!

3. Post that fact in a COMMENT on this post!


I’ll choose the winner at 12:00pm, Monday 18 JUNE 2012 (Antibes time) and the towel will make its way to you through the mail.

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12 Responses
  1. Nick O'Sullivan says:

    Love this quote about the feeling of personal comfort. To be comfortable within himself doing what he does is probably the most important aspect but also truly means he was born to dive.

    “Today Séb completed his first successful test dive of more than 100 metres. He reported feelings of personal comfort and is pleased with his ascent/descent rates and functionality of his apparatus.”

  2. That on the 12/06/2012 he completed his first dive. Congrats.

  3. Tony Gibson says:

    Once he ascends to 10-15 metres below the surface Séb releases the buoy and performs a safety stop, supervised by his dive team.

  4. Kenna says:

    ….that he can do a four minute dive on empty lungs. Holy cats!

  5. Nathan Watts says:

    Sebs lung capacity is now 6 litres.
    His hair is whiter than last time i met him.

  6. Scott says:

    The opening title, the fact that he is attempting to free dive to 703ft. 703ft! The fact that he is attempting such a feat really shows what humans (albeit extraordinary ones) are capable of and makes me wonder what is actually in the realms of possibility, not just in diving, but all human pursuits.

  7. I want that towel…looks amazing love the new blog Rabbit. Tres funky!

  8. Tristen Sherringham says:

    Sebastien Murat has done many deep dives, as deep as 180+meters rumor has it…. His method in some dives has been attaching weights to his ankles that can be ditched. A safety line (fishing line type) to his wrist that is reeled in from the surface.

  9. Sal Tyler says:

    “the source of all life, our pasts and perhaps our future lie beneath the surface of the oceans” – love this. True pioneer – hope he succeeds.

  10. Jason Farlow says:

    “he has become the first man to successfully dive to 150metres on empty lungs” – this still amazes me – you are very lucky to be part of this!

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