Tell Me Where to Travel!

Ok everyone, I need your help!

After The French Job finishes up soon I’m on my own and fancy free in France…and I have no idea what to do, see or experience!

So I thought I’d put my journey in your hands…

where should I go?

What should I do there?

What would you like me to write about, film, eat, drink or show you through my little online life?


I’d love suggestions of:

  • places (towns, cities)
  • activities
  • restaurants
  • food types
  • wineries / wines / drinks
  • other experiences you think you’d like me to try


On the wall in Monaco

Cruising above the Monaco Yacht Club


Should I go make my own perfume in Grasse?

Should I go seek out the grand cru’s in Champagne?

Would you like me to hop across to Italy and learn to make pasta?

Do you want to see chocolate factories in Switzerland?

I’m not on a big budget by Europe standards so hiring a Ferrari and cruising the Autobahn is probably out for this trip (unless one of you want to fund it of course, then I’m totally in!) but all suggestions will be considered.


AND for those whose ideas I pick – you get a souvenir from your place / activity sent to you.


So COMMENT and tell me: where oh where should Rabbit run to next?

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29 Responses
  1. Ryan Webb says:

    You should head to Avignon and up to Chateaunerf du pape to try some Amazing wines!!!!

  2. foodnutzz says:

    Bordeaux – a historic old town with lots of little streets to explore & wander, lots of great shopping, delicious food & surrounded by lots of vineyards…what more could you want??

  3. Lauren Murdoch says:

    Hi honey. Years ago I spent a month in Spain. We arrived at night in Granada and then drove to a tiny village called Gualchos looking the down to the mediterranean and up to the Sierra Navada mountains.We also went to Madrid(culture and history),San Sebastien(tapas bars and Basque culture) and Barcelona,also great bars and architecture). The food is amazing and the culture is relaxed with the tiny bars and the tapas of course.I’d go back in a second.

  4. Matt says:

    You can always come up to Hamburg. The free accommodations make it a quick and easy jumping off point to explore the little beach towns on the North and Baltic seas. :)

  5. Matt Kitchin says:

    A few years ago I did a quick side-trip down from Munich just to drive up and over Passo Stelvio – on the Italian/Swiss border. To be honest, it was because Top Gear said it was the best driving road in Europe. It might not actually be the best drive, but it was a fantastic trip, an amazing view, and pretty cool to pass through all the little Italian mountain villages and drop down into a post-card Swiss valley on the north side.
    It’s a long way from France though…

  6. I’d recommend heading to Paris via Arles, Avignon. And a day trip to Reims or Versailles is a must as well! Those are some of my favorite cities, and they’d make for a great continuous sweep of France starting from Antibes : )

    Let me know if you want more details of great things to do while in those places!

  7. My favorite way that Todd and I picked a destination in Asia was we just showed up at the airport and got on whatever flight we could.

    Though if I had time in Europe right now, I’d head to Berlin to check out the local art scene.

  8. Heather Toy says:

    I haven’t traveled too much but Florence is beautiful! They have art museums (Uffuzi Gallery or the Vatican if you want to see the Sistine Chapel), beautiful architecture, and GELATO!!! There’s also a tour of Greater Tuscany that takes you to Sienna, Chianti, San Giamini, and Pisa which is fun. It’s similar to the one in Oz that takes you around the sites. For gelato, there is this place called Grom. Their flavor Crema de Grom is amazing! Rome is very historical but a lot more walking. In Florence, you can walk around and get to very many sights.

  9. cecile says:

    My favorite places in France : Biarritz for the surf, beaches, surfers !!! Le Mont Saint Michel (fantastic and romantic place), la Bretagne and specially LA BAULE, Marseille, Aix en Provence, Bandol (good wine !) Strasbourg, ANNECY !!!! VOILA !

  10. Sarah Kogan says:

    Provence this time of year is absolutely something to see. If you like the smell of fresh lavender growing in fields as far as the eye can see (like the endless fields of summer sunflowers in Japan), you have to see Provence in the summer. You’re also right next door to some of the best wineries in the world in the Rhone Valley.

  11. Gary says:

    Italy and do cooking classes.

  12. Curious_Li says:

    UR in one of the most incredible regions of France (Provence/Cote d’Azur). Stay in the region, but get off the beaten path. Take a horseback or bicyle ride thru Provence or Grasse, stop @ small, family-run cafes & ask for a cooking lesson, dance to local musicians; you know–adventure! ;-)

  13. Korin says:

    Visit the ancient city of Biot and tell us all about the glass and the vines, the soil and the Knight’s templar!

  14. Karine-your best Travel Agent says:

    OK – where to go…

    First get yourself & the house-mates to Nice for the best pizza ever –
    It’s called Pizza & Co, it’s a very well kept secret, the locals don’t tell anyone, it is a tiny hole-in-the-wall grungy looking place, laminate tables & all – get the truffle one HOLY SCHMOLLY SO GOOOOD

    I just sent you a pikki of it via e-postcard

    while you are munching away I’ll work on a set of suggestions for you…

  15. David Lamb says:

    Eat some freshly baked focaccia for breakfast overlooking the coast in Liguria. If you go to the Rhone, visit Domaine de Durban & try their muscat. If you make it to Switzerland visit Gruyere eat cheese and check out the awesome (and somewhat creepy) Giger Museum. I love Alsace too, a weirdly wonderful place that doesn’t quite belong anywhere… Enjoy!

  16. Cristina says:

    Hey there! If you want to stay in France so I just can recommend Biarritz. It’s a lovely place on the atlantic ocean where you can make your expiriance by surfing :-) I spent there 2 weeks a couple years ago and I definately would do this tryp again. and if you’re alredy there you can also visit Bordeaux :-)
    It would be a plesure as well to have you in Switzerland!! You’re always welcome!!
    love and hugs :-)

  17. Daniel says:

    Denea, of courrse i recommend you to visit Switzerland; don’t miss it if you are that close! There’s a lot more to explore than only chocolate and mountains… ;) let me know when you will be around or if I can help you with anything!!! Love to welcome you…

  18. Be sure to add:

    Chateau de Versailles
    and the nearby Darras pâtisserie for their delicious cakes

    Plus Mont St Michel for the views from the top.

  19. Come sail way in Sardinia, Italy! It’s the second largest island in the Med and boasts amazing beaches, folklore and fantastic festivals.

  20. Xavi says:

    I recommend you visit Catalonia, started crossing the border with France, swim in the crystal clear waters of the Costa Brava, make a trip to the Pyrenees, taste their outstanding traditional cuisine, continue down the area of priorat, with its vineyards, make tasting of wines and cavas of the zone and finish in Barcelona, where can be 24/7 discovering de modernist architecture, trendy shops and amazing beach bars. Need a help?? :)

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