I Freaking Won The French Job!!



If your dog’s ears perked up around midnight on the 23rd of May, apologies – it was probably me, even if you live in Western Australia..

At 11.05pm my phone chimed up from its perch on my knee and I placed my glass of merlot on the coffee table to pick it up. And I’m glad I did because the gorgeous Riedel would surely have been flung far across the room and smashed to smithereens as I read the numer’s area code – +41. Switzerland.

The voice on the other side was dainty and delightful as Katrin introduced herself. “It is Katrin from Maurice Lacroix, how are you?”

‘Hyperventalating’, ‘uber excited’, ‘freaking petrified’, ‘totally overanalyzing the tone in your voice’, would all have been completely accurate answers but perhaps not quite the portrait of the cool cucumber I wanted to give in response…

“Fine thanks, nice to hear from you.” was what I eventually squeaked out, sounding much like the mice in Cinderella.

“You’re not asleep I hope?” Katrin asked with a vocal smile and Swiss lilt.

“No no,” I replied, attempting to arrange my vocal chords in their natural alignment and cease my squeaky excitement, “just doing some writing.”

“Ah, well…”

an age passed before her next statement and I imprinted clench-fisted nail marks into the flesh of my left hand…

“I have exciting news for you…”




“We would like to invite you to be our English blogger for the French Job.”

In one fluid motion I smacked the mute button and screamed, wriggling with the nerdiest happy dance you’re ever likely to see (although thankfully I was alone at the time), reverberating the walls with the sound of resounding relief, and raucous, screaming revelry.

Oooh, she’s still on the phone…mute off.

“Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed at a nearly appropriate decible. “REALLY???!”

Katrin chuckled at my obviously overjoyed tone. “If you’d still like the job…”

“What? OF COURSE!” I mumbled out several sentences of utter apprecation, amazement and astonishment and eventually the conversation concluded with Katrin asking me to please keep mum about the priceless posting until the official announcement.

So there you go everyone; tweeters, facebookers, google plus-ers, pin-ers, linked in-ers and any other category-less onlookers – this is because of you. Your support, your time, your votes and your volume succeeded in securing me the experience of a lifetime.

And I cannot wait to share it with you.


I leave for Antibes on the 2nd of June…


My new residence...











holy. f*ing. SH*T.


Wanna come along for the ride? Follow my adventure on:

The French Job




and right here on RabbitEarth!

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29 Responses
  1. Rob Roglev says:

    So demanding!! ;) Congrats!!!

  2. Vickilynn says:

    Hey Denea ! CONGRATULATIONS Girl ! So proud of You…!

  3. Lisa says:

    Excitement city! Congrats

  4. Ramona says:

    woooooohhooooo!! awesome to hear! congratulations & have an amazing experience x

  5. Kenna says:

    I say: YAY! (I’m so excited for you & to follow you via the internets. :D )

  6. Peter says:

    Congrats, glad your travels are finally taking you to Europe. I think a Bunny road trip after “The French Job” is mandatory!

  7. Sal says:

    YES! So awesome! Congrats! =)

  8. Helen cameron says:

    Such brilliant news Denea, congratulations! You deserve every dot of awesomeness this experience will bring. Work it girl!

  9. jonathan Ingram says:

    Well done proof that Karma Rules

  10. Congratulations Denea! So glad you have been offered this amazing opportunity. I’m sure you will do a stellar job. Exciting times. Glad to see that sometimes my vote does something!

  11. AѦ ฿ig CѺℕḠℛѦ✝ONGRÅ✞TÜḺLÅ✞TIOѺN$ ÐEℕN€ѦA‼ Ẏ◎Yoυ εαґηεdⅾ ї☂‼✰*¨*•*.✫´.¸¸⋰*✴Fran

  12. Fiona says:


  13. Fantastic news!!! Big huge congratulations and good luck on your adventures!

  14. Congratulations Denea! Way to go!! We look forward to hearing about your experiences. Even though you are the english blogger we want to see some video.

  15. Myriam says:

    Awesome news Denea, congrats!!!!

    Got your FB message about Cote d’Azur, will get back to you :-)


  16. VanityFare1 says:

    Ooo la la and OMG! Congratulations Bunny Girl. It seems the force of the Twitterverse was with you. (And my evil plan to get you out of town worked…bwahahaha!) Bonne chance ma belle lapin xxx

  17. John Lewis says:


    Congratulations on winning The French Job!

    Sorry to say that I didn’t make the cut for Videoblogger; such is the way of the world–not all of us could win.

    Now go out there dazzle the world with your prose!!

    John Lewis

  18. Nicole Miles says:

    YAY Denea that is so awesome! Congrats and can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  19. Sarah says:

    How cool! congratulations on your new job, sounds like a super opportunity.

  20. Naomi says:

    yeah for you! yeah for you! yeah for you!!!!!!!!

  21. Iggy says:

    Congrats Denea — well done and deserved !!!

  22. Rex Neindorf says:

    Fantastic news Denea. Hope you have an experience which will last a lifetime.

  23. Curious_Li says:

    So very cool that you got the job!!! Go bunny, go! Big congrats :-D

  24. as a watchnerd, am stupendously envious! what an opportunity, what a privilege! congratulations on winning the ‘english blogger’ roll, Denea! well deserved. looking forward to the updates… don’t forget the wrist shots of the watch, yeah!

  25. Monte Kingstone says:

    So glad to be experiencing this with you! See you in the South of France in a few days! Great accounting of how you won! Really enjoyed it.

  26. JJ says:

    Congratulations on the win and my compliments for your blog.
    Especially on this post, I lmao

  27. Super congrats on The French Job. I’ve just discovered your blog and can see you are the right candidate for the job! Looking forward to more from you!

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