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Beep beep. 1 new SMS…


“Wanna come to disco yoga on Friday?? x”


‘Disco yoga’? I thought skeptically, sounds..odd. But the text came from my friend Donna, of Eat, Drink, Play and Secret Foodies fame and if there’s a gal in the know in this town, she’s it.

So I replied, “yea why not!”

However when I hopped online to The Future Sound of Yoga to try and book a ticket I was shocked to find the event was completely sold out.

seriously?!” I frowned into my MacBook’s screen and decided to take a poke around the site while I was in there. By the time I’d finished reading the concept behind what Donna had termed ‘disco yoga’ I was seriously peeved about missing out on a ticket. I picked up the phone and dialled one of the two mobiles listed, choosing Angel’s, at random. (NOTE: When you find a project where the creators are so dedicated to it that they’ll list their mobile numbers freely on the website as contacts, you can bet you’re in for a treat.)


Photo courtesy of The Future Sound of Yoga

Long story short I snagged a last minute cancellation spot and raced to the Paddington Uniting Church, sliding in at 5 minutes to 7pm, paid my presciously small class fee of $25, entered the hall, and had to blink substantially more than twice…The stodgy church hall had been transformed into a sandstone nightclub setting, pews pushed to line the sides of the auditorium, shimmering deep fluorescents lit up the arched ceilings in blue, maroon, royal purple and heavy pinks. In front of the organ where the minister would stand was a set of DJ decks and a Mac, silver back and white apple shining towards the room. In place of the benches yoga mats lined the floor, upwards of 30 colourful mats vied for space in the hall with sports gear clad 20 and 30 somethings laughing and chatting with their neighbours. I hate using the word “vibe” but this place was buzzing, energetic and welcoming, I grinned in a mixture of awe and appreciation and I could tell, this was going to be fun.

Donna came bouncing in and we scooted to occupy 2 empty mats right at the front.

The Future Sound of Yoga is a concept created by husband and wife dj and yogi team Angel and Matt Singman.

Photo by The Future Sound of Yoga

Matt mixes the deep, moving beats of trance / house / electro / drum and bass to help Angel guide participants through the 4 stage yoga-based fitness program; Stage 1 – warm up, Stage 2 – strengthening, Stage 3 – dance, Stage 4 – cool down. Seriously cool concept. Put it this way, have you ever been so moved by music you found yourself dancing without a care in the world for your surroundings? Have you allowed yourself to properly submit to a track and let it take you somewhere? High up, deep down, strong, smooth, moving you through the sounds in your ears and the beats reverberating through your body? Well if not, you should, it’s awesome. And moreover it’s a meditation-like experience, you cease thinking cognitively and let go of worries, bothers or cares; ‘think’ shuts off and lets you simply ‘do’. So really, the futuristic music we all love to listen to is more similar to the ancient art of yoga than you’d think. Clever, eh?

After the first few minutes I was hooked, and by the time the class concluded at 9pm I was energized, exhausted and astounded at the amount of fun I’d just found in a fitness class, inside a church, in Paddington.

Bhakti Night, Bali Spirit Festival 2012 image by www.sukizoe.com

The Future Sound of Yoga runs approximately every 2 weeks, alternating yoga-only classes called “Flow” and yoga+dance (which I attended) named “Fire”. All dates and the soundbyte for one of Matt’s mixes can be found on their website: The Future Sound of Yoga.

I’ve already booked my spot for the 11th of May’s Fire class so you’d better hurry up and hop on this bandwagon, it’s future is very, very bright.


The Future Sound of Yoga

Email. hello@thefuturesoundofyoga.com

Facebook. www.facebook.com/futuresoundofyoga

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