Da na na na Nitrox!

Most of my friends just roll their eyes when I exclaim, for the umpteenth time, “I’d live in the sea if I could.” But it’s true, I would happily shift my residence to the ocean floor if it was possible! So the thought of extended bottom time has always appealed to me.

 And now, thanks to completing the Enriched Air Nitrox specialty I’ll be photographing pgymy seahorses next dive for as long as patience permits.

- give this specialty a go, it explains a good deal more about breathing gases, partial pressure and the physics of diving
- get a computer, and use it. If you don’t already have one, it really will be your best bud
- if you’re thinking about a compact diving holiday where you’re spending most of your time in the water, rock the Nitrox. Less nitrogen in your body, more bottom time and therefore, more diving

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