Social media is like going to the gym, only better

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en"; A beautiful social media network is like a perfectly toned, athletic physique, and you get there the same way – persistance, hard work and strategy. So if you want to get in digital shape, get ready to move those social muscles.     Step 1. Your fitness goal If you’ve ever had a consultation with a personal trainer you’ll know that at the first meeting there’s a lot more talking than sweat, that’s because being ‘in shape’ is different for everyone and it involves a personally tailored program. If you’re a slim early-20’s female you’re not going to desire a bulked up [ ... ]

Sunset Streetart

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Bitches be bitches. Share this:EmailFacebookStumbleUponTwitterDiggPrintGoogle +1LinkedIn

Thanksgiving hangovers and the perfect Bourbon Pecan Pie

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve lived in America, which makes this my first “proper” Thanksgiving in a very long also happened to be my coldest. Ever. My boyfriend, let’s call him Puffin, has family in a little town outside Chicago and this year I tagged along as the girlfriend-in-residence. We boarded the Delta Airlines flight in Seattle at a truly disgusting hour of the morning after a raucously good time the night before which involved substantial quantities of various (read: waaaay too many different) kinds of alcohol. I hated everything that moved (and many things that [ ... ]

Hello LA..and irrational boredom

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Well I did it, I up and moved to America..Los Angeles to be precise; the city of angels, of grand and broken dreams, of tiny dancers in the sand, and currently of extreme, irrational boredom. I blame Christmas. Bah, humbug. The last few weeks of the year are purgatory where those already in work / life situations frantically scamper to complete their last few projects for the year; where the greeting card companies and candy conglomerates replace their standard subliminal messaging with in-your-face blaring ads depicting the eternal unhappiness of our families if we don’t purchase the brand [ ... ]

Carmen: an opulent Opera on Sydney Harbour

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Sydney’s weather has turned chilly now and the nights are best spent snuggling under large blankets watching a fire and sipping red wine. Some of you will read with this with a sigh and take a moment to remember the beautiful summer just gone.. For others it will be a little hand-warmer to keep in your pocket and put on your calendar for next year.. … 2 April, 2013: It was a Tuesday evening, made comfortable by the warm summer air and beautiful by the sparkling sunset tossing handfuls of crimson and gold across the harbour. Any such night would [ ... ]

Bula! The best little scuba shop in Nadi

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Our land down under doesn’t have many neighbours, but the few we have are pretty darn, well, pretty.. Recently I took a bucket-listed short trip across the ocean to one of our neighbouring nations for a few days of sun, sand and scuba. Bula, welcome to Fiji. Due to my perpetual case of itchy feet my trip to the picturesque island nation was on a bit of a budget so I set out to prove that you can, in fact, have a fabulous time in Fiji for a fraction of what a holiday ought to cost. Perusing the interwebs for where to stay and who to [ ... ]

Round Biggest Baddest Bucket List!

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Last year you guys, my super duper awesomesauce social network, helped me win my way to Maurice Lacroix’s incredible sounthern France sojourn The French Job. It was a dream posting and I had an incredible time working with the French Job team supporting freediver Sebastien Murat in his world record attempt. And now I’d like to implore you all once more, to put your clicks where your likes are and vote for my entry into what is truly an incredible competition – My Destination’s ‘Biggest Baddest Bucket List’. This one would see me hopping around the world for 6 [ ... ]

The cure for hipster: Unpretentiousil

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";This is probably the best thing I’ve seen all month. So although it’s not particularly related to anything else, I’m sure you all will be able to relate.   Watch and enjoy…     PS the feature picture I snagged from, check em out. Share this:EmailFacebookStumbleUponTwitterDiggPrintGoogle +1LinkedIn

In our own backyard – The Mark Hanham Gallery, Surry Hills

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";I must admit that I often suffer from “Dorothy Syndrome” when it comes to our fair city of Sydney. My eyes drift to the horizon so chronically that I forget how much brilliance exists right here in our harbour-hedged backyard.. A post-workout stroll stumbled me upon just such a Sydney-side gem last week, the Mark Hanham Gallery, unassumingly occupying a light-filled location on Surry Hills’ Crown Street. I was instantly enthralled by a wall-sized painting of Paris, frenetic lines of black and grey emanating the city’s vibrant, elegant tumult, streaking in all directions to and from the far-off Eiffle [ ... ]

Rabbit Roadtrip Down Under part 1: The Barossa – Coober Pedy

Translatorvar ackuna_src = "en";Fact: make-up wipes work a treat to clean red Outback dirt off of white shoes. (Don’t ask me why I wore white shoes in the Outback.) On a recent week-long road trip to deposit a friend in Darwin I finally had the chance to truly experience the Australian Outback, and it is just as magnificent as they say. 2012 was a year of Rabbit road trips; Queensland, France and Italy then from Sydney through the Barossa and Uluru and up to Darwin, and I don’t think you could have asked for a wider variety of experiences. Driving through France is [ ... ]